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Raw & Refined is a line of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry born out of my passion for the inherent beauty of the natural world. Each one of my pieces is unique, an artistic inspiration derived from a collaboration between my own creative vision and the story of the living materials I collect. I work with semi-precious gemstones, minerals, and fossils, refining their previous existence into something new. I also use recycled metals and materials whenever I can to ensure that I leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.

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When I was growing up, my mother, a seamstress extraordinaire, and my father, a draftsman for the legendary airline Pan Am, helped fuel my love of fashion, adornment, and travel. The impressions I gathered from the different cultures I visited in locations around the world—from Italy to India, the Caribbean to the American Southwest—honed both my personal aesthetic and my longing to bring artifacts of beauty into this world.

The first jewelry pieces I made were beach scenes painted on seashells that I collected near my childhood home in Miami. I strung my little masterpieces as pendants from handmade macramé cords to create necklaces for my family and friends.

Later, as an adult and after sixteen years in the travel industry, I began experimenting with jewelry again. I taught myself wire wrapping and bead stringing. I began making ethnic-inspired pieces. Soon, what began as a hobby turned into a small business. On the streets women would stop me to ask where they could get the jewelry I was wearing, and I would direct them to the San Francisco art gallery that was selling my work. But when that gallery closed in 1991, my attention and interests slowly drifted away from jewelry and toward other areas of my life.

Now, after a recent life transition, I’ve realized that the creativity that I thought had faded away from me has actually undergone a transformation. My skills and inspiration have crystallized into a new line of handcrafted jewelry that I can only describe as Raw & Refined. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy wearing my jewelry and that the love, care, and joy with which each piece is made is passed on to you!

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